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Sports HAI

Sports HAI is an incredible company all about confidence and providing professional athletes with amazing products.

Sports HAI Sports make-up and skin care is tough stylish beauty on the go, designed for professional athletes

High Goal - HAI performace, release your inner Fuego!

Victoria Lodder Jewellery


With over twenty years of experience, Victoria Lodder is inspired by the interplay between colour, shape and cut, often using near invisible mounting that allows the stones to speak for themselves. Having lived in Asia for twelve years, Victoria Lodder has a network of trusted stone suppliers and skilled craftsmen, to ensure every detail is delivered, just as you imagined. We will always keep you at the heart of the design. We offer, a fully bespoke and redesign service, as well as our ready-to-wear collections.

We are very proud to introduce our new ready-to-wear Polo Collection. Whether you are looking for a tournament gift, a present for an avid polo fan, or are indeed a player yourself, we are your one-stop shop to polo bling! It has been with immense pride that we have co designed with the foundation an awesome LPF chukka bangle and cuff in the vibrant LPF pink. We can’t wait  to expand our collection in support of this fabulous foundation.

Aldford Apparel

the difference between ordinary and extraordinary
.... is that little extra .....

         Welcome to Aldford Apparel

Situated in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside, Aldford Apparel has become a leading supplier of Corporate Clothing and Uniforms, Sports and Leisure Wear.  We also supply Equestrian Clothing and products for you and your horse to a broad portfolio of clients. We offer a personal service with attention to detail being the key to our success. Enjoy browsing our diverse range of products and just call to let us source you arrange that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.


We are delighted to be involved with The Ladies Polo Foundation and Managing Director Leesa Darlington Davies has had a love affair with all things equestrian from a very young age.  From her first ponies at age 11 to Hunting with The Wynnstay and supporting her daughter eventing, now an eventer/dressage horse owner she continues to enjoy equestrian sport whenever and wherever she possibly can.  

We currently supply kit to Cheshire Polo and The Kidd Family– and enjoy watching polo at Chester Race Course too.

Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell is one of the most trusted horse feed manufacturers in the world with over 80 years of developing and manufacturing horse feed, offering complete nutritional solutions for high performance and competition horses in racing, showing, breeding as well as producing the highest quality feeds for leisure riding. The comprehensive range of feeds and supplements also cater for horses and ponies with additional needs, such as veterans, and those in need of everyday support including higher fibre or weight management diets.

For more information on Dodson & Horrell head to the website where you can join a LiveChat with a Dodson & Horrell nutritionist or alternatively call the helpline on 01832 737300.

Annabel Brocks

Annabel Brocks is a Suffolk based clothing and accessories brand which was established by Annabel in 2014. Having quickly become known for their iconic neon and rainbow colour pops Annabel Brocks offer ranges for all seasons, all of which incorporate Annabel’s love for signature detailing.

Annabel was honoured to be asked to design a collection for the Ladies Polo Foundation in 2019 and loved working with LPF to create the range of sweatshirts, gilets,polo tops, and accessories all of which feature the signature colour pops and gorgeous detailing.

AB Polo has been created to suit all ages and look great both on and off the pitch.

For more information about Annabel Brocks and to view the AB Polo range visit or contact us


Chukka Wellness

Chukka Wellness is a company dedicated to helping riders become fitter and stronger athletes.

Chukka Wellness focuses on 3 elements; nutrition, mobility and functional training in order to bullet proof the body from the strenuous sport of polo and riding.

Founded by Personal Trainer India Parker-Smith, services include 1-2-1 or team training, online programmes, polo-fitness holidays and clinics and a newly launched Virtual Equine Hub.

India works closely with each client ensuring the correct muscles are engaged & strengthened and joints stay mobile & supple. Each session includes a series of fun exercises that simulate the movement patterns of polo and the riding position.

Chukka Wellness have just launched their Virtual Equine Hub which is an online resource designed to help riders become fitter and stronger. The mobile-friendly hub includes rider-specific workouts, mobility routines, nutritional aids and a forum where riders can discuss and compare their fitness regimes. Members also receive access to discounts from associated equine brands, interviews from top polo players and a monthly guide to help them stay on track with their fitness journey.

Debbie J Harris Art

Debbie Harris is a professional artist specialising in Equestrian & Sporting Art.

Her love of depicting polo is a consequence of playing the game alongside her husband and two daughters. “As a family it is so wonderful to be involved in asport that we can all be part of, our age range is from 13 to 47 , and our individual skill set is just as diverse!”

Debbie produces large, bold paintings in which her aim is to express the speed and immediacy of her subjects. Conversely, she also produces commissions of horse sand dogs in a more traditional style which are more emotive of the individual character.

As well as original work, there is a selection of signed limited edition prints on her website which are collected worldwide.

The love of horses & hounds is the inspiration behind Debbies work, and as one collector noted “..... Debbies paintings have a heartbeat....”

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